Monday, 24 June

Petrol bomb attack on CMG shocking; we’ve not seen this type before’ – GIBA

General News
Mr Cecil Thomas Sunkwa-Mills

The President of the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) has described as “shocking”, the recent petrol bomb attack on the Class Media Group’s Labone headquarters in Accra by arsonists around 2 am on Thursday, 25 April 2024.

The media company’s CCTV cameras captured four men on motorbikes fleeing the scene after hurling the fiery balls into the compound, shattering the glass barrier and door of the reception.

It is not clear why the thugs attacked the company but CMG has reported the incident to the police for an investigation. 

Speaking Kwame Dwomoh-Agyemang on the Class Morning Show on Friday, 26 April 2024, Mr Cecil Thomas Sunkwa-Mills said GIBA discussed the incident late Thursday night.

“It brings about the concern of security for radio and TV stations, especially at this time of the year and we believe that we should let the police see what exactly happened”, he noted. 

He said: “It’s a bit difficult now to check exactly why somebody would want to throw Molotov cocktails at a TV station”, adding: “Thank God you have CCTV and picked up the footage of what happened”. 

“I think it is good to wait to see exactly what the police also come up with because we don’t know the motive behind this attack and we’ve not seen this type of attack before and we don’t know why somebody would do this, so, we would have to see exactly why this attack happened and it just means that we would have to reiterate that for your station, it is important to have the adequate maximum security, especially at the point of entry, both physical and anything to stop a missile or something. It’s very important”, Mr Sunkwa-Mills added.

For now, he said GIBA does not want to speculate about the motive behind the attack or the people behind it.

“What we have not yet concluded on is exactly whether this attack was politically motivated or not, so, we are not quick yet to put the blame at the door of any particular person or that, so, that’s why I said we need to find out exactly what happened”, he said, noting: “We haven’t got any feedback that it was a direct reaction to some particular broadcast which was done by your station. We haven’t gotten that feedback and that’s why I said we want to find out a bit more about what was the motive behind this unless Class FM would have a bit more to tell us because we need to know exactly what may have caused this action”