Saturday, 01 April

Protect Amrahia dairy farm lands – Deputy lands minister to Adenta Police

General News
The minister on the field interacting with police and surveyors

The Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources responsible for Lands and Forestry, Benito Owusu-Bio, has charged the Adenta Divisional Police Commander to protect government lands at Amrahia, a suburb of Accra, from further encroachment as the lands are being encroached with impunity.

Government through the Lands Ministry have for some years now, been fighting encroachers on the Adenta Amrahia Dairy Farm lands and have currently made headway in working with various families involved to ensure that the lands are handed over peaceful to the pre-acquisition owners.

In spite of all these efforts, the lands are being heavily encroached upon with impunity and Mr Owusu-Bio says he will have no more of it.

At the sight of the level of encroachment, he flared-up and tasked the Commander saying, "ensure that no further works continue here until the lands are handed over to the rightful owners. Get bulldozers and demolish all these walls as soon as possible."

The Deputy Minister gave these instructions when he paid a working visit to the Amrahia Dairy Farm lands on Wednesday, 25th January, 2023 to inspect the level of progress in the proper demarcation of lands and further handing over to the rightful owners.

He explained to the commander, the government's intentions saying that "government wants to ensure that the policy and promise made to hand over a portion of the acquired lands to the pre-acquisition owners, is followed and as we speak work is almost complete on keeping this promise but others are still trying to ruin government's plans and we cannot sit and allow that happen".

He instructed the police to as soon as possible protect the surveyors who will be demarcating the portions of lands and also to ensure their work is not interrupted by the actions of land guards and other intruders.

He added that their protection will go a long way to ensure that there are enough lands to build affordable houses for government agencies.

Mr Owusu-Bio also instructed the surveyors to commence work as soon as practicable and mount up boundary pillars to properly demarcate the lands, while requesting them to involve reps from the various families to ensure a peaceful work and transparency.

In his instructions, he also tasked the surveyors to ensure that all pillars mounted are colour quoted to bring clarity of ownership and boundaries, so that "Family A" does not end up working into "Family B" lands.

The Adenta Divisional Police Commander, Abraham Acquaye assured the Deputy Minister, that before they commence work, he will reassemble the Chiefs to inform them again of this last leg to ensure a peaceful building of these boundaries.

He also assured that immediately after the demarcation is done, he will ensure that handing over event is peacefully and safely done.

The Technical Director for Lands at the Ministry, Mr. Maxwell Adu-Nsarfoa took the commander through the map, showing him the demarcations to confirm the boundaries and serve as a guideline for their work.

He indicated that a surveyor will provide the route for the boundaries and also provide bulldozers to open up the boundaries after which the pillars will be mounted to give way for smooth operations, reiterating that the police's duty will be to protect the people and the machines on site.

The Technical Director also stressed that currently, government has not officially handed over any parts of the lands to any party or family and, therefore, until after the demarcations, anyone who tries to claim ownership of the lands should be seen and treated as a land guard or an intruder.