Saturday, 02 March

Pub, church noise at night unbearable! Labone residents complain

General News
Labone Estates

Some residents of Labone in the La-Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly of the Greater Accra Region, say they are reeling under unbearable noise levels from the activities of pub owners and churches in the area at night.

According to the residents, pubs and churches have taken over the plush residential area.

A resident, Yoofi Sackey, told the media that the noise levels get worse at about midnight.

He noted how difficult it is for one to wake up to fully prepare for a productive day when, after a hard day’s work, one is confronted with such noise levels at night.

He argued that the residential area has been turned into a mixed-use community with pub owners taking over the area since 2009.

As residents, “we have not been told by the municipal assembly that the purpose for which the area was established has been changed,” he said.

“You move out of your house and you are surrounded by pubs and churches that make noise way above the required noise levels in the area,” he lamented.

Source: Mensah