Monday, 17 June

Queen-mother of Mpesi Daadze appeals for sanitary pad tax reduction

General News
The Queen-mother with the beneficiaries of the sanitary pad project

Nana Ama Nyaakowaa II, the Queen-mother of Mpesi Daadze in the Abura, Asben, and Komankesaa (AAK) areas of the Central Region, has called on the government to reduce the high taxes on sanitary pads. 

Speaking to the media, she emphasized that the high cost of sanitary pads is a significant factor contributing to the rise in teenage pregnancies, as many young girls cannot afford them.

Nana Ama Nyaakowaa II expressed her commitment to addressing teenage pregnancy in her community, stating that eradicating it has been a driving force behind her efforts to provide sanitary pads to students. 

She thanked everyone who has supported her mission to make teenage pregnancy a thing of the past in Mpesi Daadze.

One of the beneficiaries, Nana Christabel Opoku, expressed heartfelt gratitude on behalf of all the students.

 She thanked the Queen- mother for her generosity and prayed for blessings on her behalf, acknowledging the significant impact of the donation.

The Headmaster of the school, Mr. Stephen Otoo, also expressed his appreciation for the Queen- mother's efforts. 

He wished for long life and continued support from Nana Ama Nyaakowaa II and her benefactors, hoping they would continue to aid the school in even greater ways in the future

Source: Mensah