Sunday, 22 May

Road toll workers threaten demo over unpaid salaries

General News
The group is planning a marchhways to register its displeasure

The Ghana Toll Workers Group has threatened to demonstrate over the non-payment of salaries.

According to the group, made up of over 800 people who used to work at the various toll booths across the country, its members have not been paid since January 2022.

The group has, therefore, threatened to picket the Ministry of Roads and Highways to register its displeasure.

The group also says the government has refused to fulfil its promise stated in the 2022 budget with regard to their reassignment.

The secretary to the group, Mr Edward Duncan, said: “It is sad to note that, almost six months after this promise was made by the Government, none of the over 800 workers has received a penny as salaries.”

He further revealed: “Not a single soul has been reassigned as promised or has been given any form of employment".

“We are living in limbo, and we are preparing by Thursday to march to, or picket the Ministry and demand our entitlements.”

He also disclosed that the group has sent petitions to the Ministry of Roads and Highways and Parliament, however, the government is yet to fulfil its promise.

Source: Adiku