Friday, 19 July

SSNIT Hotels: Appoint Bryan Acheampong to manage them if he’s that competent – Koomson

General News
Abraham Koomson, General Secretary of GFL

Mr Abraham Koomson, the Secretary General of the Ghana Federation of Labour (GFL), has voiced strong opposition to the plan to sell a 60% stake in four hotels owned by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) to Rock City Hotel, which is owned by the Food and Agriculture Minister, Bryan Acheampong.

Mr. Koomson criticized the decision to sell these profitable state assets. 

He proposed that if Mr. Acheampong is considered capable of managing the hotels, he should be appointed to run them rather than buying them.

“Why do you sell national assets? Why should we sell such hotels in these prime areas? For what? For how much?” he asked indignantly.

“If Bryan Acheampong has the capacity to run and operate the SSNIT hotels, why don’t we employ him? 

“Instead of selling the hotels to him, he should be appointed as CEO to run the hotels for us,” Mr. Koomson suggested.

He emphasized SSNIT's financial stability, noting that the institution has a steady inflow of contributions and does not face capital shortages.

“SSNIT can’t complain about money because every month they need not go anywhere to go and look for a loan or whatever, the inflow from the contributions just comes in.

“If you are an employer and you default on payment, you’d be in trouble. So SSNIT cannot complain of capital,” he argued.

He was speaking during an appearance on Joy FM’s Newsfile on Saturday June 22, 2024

Source: Mensah