Sunday, 23 February

Tamale: Fresh chieftaincy clash in Yong Dakpem yili

General News
Fresh chieftaincy clash in Yong Dakpem yili

At least, one person has been arrested in connection with a fresh chieftaincy feud in Yong Dakpem yili, a suburb of the Tamale metropolis, Class91.3FM has gathered.

The arrest was made during a demonstration by the youth of the community who thronged the Bugulana’s palace in Tamale.

The demonstrators said they were marching in support of one Fuseini Chimsi, who has been selected as the chief of Yong Dakpem yili.

The Tamale Dakpema has, however, declared Fuseini Chimsi as the wrongful heir to the throne.

The youth also said the Regional Security Council has ordered the Yong Dakpema to return the magic tail to Tamale Dakpema so a different person could be selected.

The demonstrators were pelted with stones at the Bugulana’s palace, leading to reprisal attacks.

The police intervened with gunshots.  

Wahab S. Kamal, PRO of the Bugulana’s palace said: “We told the youth no struggle will settle a matter, so, the issues has to be settled amicably”, adding: “Concerning the person that was arrested, DSP Tanko [Public Relations Officers of the Northern Regional Police Command] said that he will be released to the district.”