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Teshie: Contractor on location to fix roads – Ledzokuku MCE

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The Ledzokuku MCE disclosed that the contractor moved to the site last week, hence, work has commenced on the roads in the community

Contractors have been deployed to resume construction of the internal roads within the Ledzokuku Municipality in Accra.

This was disclosed by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area, Mordecai Quarshie.

The residents of Teshie had hinted at plans to stage a demonstration over the poor road network in their community.

The demonstration dubbed ‘MƐƐba Teshie’ meaning ‘Why Teshie,’ is to draw government’s attention to the poor state of the roads in the area after their calls for the roads to be fixed have fallen on deaf ears.

The demonstration is set to begin at 5am on Tuesday, 30 May 2023.

Converging point for the demonstration is the Adjorman Roundabout in Teshie.

Speaking at a Press Conference held on Monday, 29 May 2023, the Ledzokuku MCE disclosed that the contractor moved to the site last week, hence, work has commenced on the roads in the community. 

“From last week a contractor has been brought on location to start the work of fixing the roads for us,” the MCE said.

He indicated that, the steps being taken by government to fix the roads in the community is a sure mark of a listening government.

“I think that if you wanted a surer sign of how attentive or how much of a listening government, this government is this is the example we have. 

“That we have quickly mobilised that when we said we’ll fix the road it wasn’t just political talk we meant it and we’re doing it,” the MCE stressed.

He however refuted claims that government had neglected roads in the area.

The MCE stated: “The perception that the government has been discriminatory or has discriminated against Ledzokuku in the allocation of road projects. That perception is an unfortunate one and it’s clearly wrong.”

According to the MCE, “Ledzokuku has benefitted from some of the most attractive infrastructure.” projects in the country.”

He also revealed he was unperturbed by the intended demonstration by the residents.

“I don’t have issue with those who are doing the demonstration when we get to them we’ll deal with that issue at the appropriate time.

Meanwhile, the organisers of the ‘MƐƐba Teshie’ demonstration have said the ‘Fix our roads’ demonstration will come on as planned. 

“We cannot allow our leaders to keep making promises without fulfilling them” the organisers indicated in statement.

“No amount of suppression will halt this demonstration. We have seen some machines on the ground good for us, we’re making progress, but the the ‘MƐƐba Teshie’ Fix our roads demo is coming on,” the organisers added.

Source: Adiku