Sunday, 23 February

V/R: NCA shuts down Radio Tongu over security concerns

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Radio Tongu

The National Communication Authority (NCA) has suspended the operations of Radio Tongu at Sogakope in the Volta Region on national security grounds and "in the public interest.”

The suspension, according to the NCA, is in accordance with Section 13 (1) (e) of the Electronic Communications Act, 2008, Act (775), which provides that: "The Authority may suspend or revoke a licence or a frequency authorisation where the suspension or revocation is necessary because of national security or is in the public interest".

The NCA said a failure of the station to heed the directive will result in the arrest and prosecution of its directors.

On 15 January 2020, the Director of the radio station, Bestway Zottor, was arrested for allegedly promoting the agenda of the Homeland Study Group Foundation, a secessionist group in the region.

The Homeland Study Group Foundation led by 85-year-old Charles Kudzodzi, has been advocating the independence of the erstwhile Western Togoland made up of the Volta region, Oti region and parts of the North East region, Northern region and Upper East region.

The group, last year, declared independence for the Volta region and called that part of the country Western Togoland.

Its leaders have been arrested and facing trial.





Source: Mensah