Saturday, 13 July

V/R:Tsito-Anyirawase culvert reconstruction to be ready in a month- Highway Director

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Accra -Afloa road

The Volta Regional Director of the Ghana Highway Authority, Mr. Aminu Isaka Abubakar, has announced plans to reconstruct the structurally defective culvert between Tsito-Anyirawase on the Accra-Ho main road. 

He stated that his office aims to complete this reconstruction within one calendar month.

Mr. Abubakar defended the alternative route that has been provided for motorists plying the Tsito-Anyirawase section of the Accra-Ho Highway, citing the structural defects in the culvert as the reason for the detour. 

During an interview on the Ho FM Adanu Morning Show, he explained that while the alternative route adds extra kilometers, it is the best solution to address the issue.

 He expressed confidence that the reconstruction work will be finished within the specified one-month period.

The Volta Regional Co-ordinating Council (VRCC) also issued a press release, indicating that the Ghana Highway Authority had decided to close the Tsito and Anyirawase section of the Accra-Ho Highway due to structural defects caused by heavy rainfall. This closure was deemed necessary to ensure the safety of motorists and the protection of lives and property.

 As a result, an alternative route was provided for drivers, with personnel from the Ghana Police Service available to assist with directions.

The VRCC's letter urged motorists to take note of these developments and use the provided alternative route while assuring the public that the reconstruction of the defective culvert would be completed within one calendar month.

Source: Mensah