Sunday, 14 July

We’ll no more truncate our orgasms to fix emergencies – GRIDCo workers

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GRIDCo staff

Staff of the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) have said they will no longer sacrifice their orgasm – as they claim they have been doing all these years to the chagrin of their spouses and partners – to attend to emergency situations at odd hours when the need arises.

The angry workers, who have primed themselves for a demonstration over some GHS1.2 billion owed the company by key stakeholders in the energy sector, say they are tired of jumping off their wives and truncating their orgasms anytime an emergency pops up.

They intend marching to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Volta Aluminum Company (VALCO) and the Ministry of Finance in demand of their unsettled debts.

The workers, who began an industrial action by withdrawing all emergency services on Thursday, 21 November 2019, have been directed by the leadership of their union not to provide any further services beyond the official working hours.

The members have also been directed to hoist red flags as a harbinger to the turbulent times ahead for the energy sector.

Speaking at a press briefing on Thursday, 21 November 2019, the President of the GRIDCo Staff Union, Raphael Kornor said: “We’re going to withdraw all emergency services; we’re going to treat all emergency services as normal working-hours service. In time past, GRIDCo staff will be sleeping and they will call you, even sometimes at the point of orgasm you have to leave your wife and attend to GRIDCo’s call. We cannot do that again because our efforts are becoming effortless.”

He added: “We would be embarking on the action if these debts are not paid – the GHS250 million which the President directed the Finance Minister to pay; the VALCO debt of about US32,567,974 as of September 30; the ECG debt of about GHS607 million as of March 1, 2019; the PDS debt of GHS94,204, 903 which ECG collected during the suspension of the PDS; the NEDCo debt of about GHS177 million as of September 30, 2019.”