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We’re waiting for TVET to give us greenlight to reinstate sacked students– K’si Tech Insti

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The students destroyed school property including air conditioners, vehicles among others

Authorities of the Kumasi Technical Institute have referred the matter of the 500 students who were sacked to the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

According to the school authorities, they can only act on the status of the sacked students when the TVET directs. 

Assistant Principal of the school, Benedict Boakye told Class News, on Monday, 29 May 2023 that a letter has been sent to the TVET awaiting a response.

“We are waiting for them to give us the greenlight. Till then, we cannot tell them [students] to come.”

The Assistant Principal noted that examinations are currently ongoing and so affected students are allowed to come and write their papers.

He also disclosed that the affected students made up of both final and second year students, were not adhering to the school rules and regulations.

The students destroyed school property including air conditioners, vehicles among others. 

“Until last Friday, when we called them for the assembly and some refused to come the principal went to them at the various dormitories to call them to come to assembly they said they won’t come they insulted him and hooted at him and all that.”  

Chairman of the Parents Teacher Association (PTA), Kumasi, Nana Mensah noted that following a meeting with the school authorities on Sunday, 28 May 2023, “We all agreed that the students should come to school to learn and after that go back.”

The PTA Chairman, however, indicated that some students live far away but management of the school, could not take any decision until a directive is received from the TVET.

He further condemned the actions of the students.

“We are worried but what our wards are doing is so bad, destruction of property.”

He also revealed that the PTA is awaiting the conclusion of investigations into the matter by the school after, which those found culpable will be billed for the properties that have been destroyed. 

“When the reports come and we find out those who did it then finally they will be surcharged.”

Management took disciplinary action against some 500 students of the school for misconduct.

The students, all boarders, have been sent home for violation of school rules and misconduct.

The students during a rampage on Wednesday, 17 May 2023, are reported to have caused damage to school property.

The students who were asked by the school authorities to pack out of their dormitories will face the school’s disciplinary committee when they are recalled.

Source: Adiku