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Where is Aisha Huang’s first Ghanaian husband; she's not our in-law – Ablakwa

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Aisha Huang

MP for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has disclosed that “many Ghanaians do not know that this is not the first time the notorious Aisha Huang has claimed to be married to a Ghanaian.”

According to Mr Ablakwa, she first made the claim over a decade ago when she told Ghanaian immigration authorities that she married a Ghanaian called Anthony Fabian at a 2007 wedding in China.

She then used that to secure an indefinite permit from the Ghana Immigration Service allowing her to travel to Ghana at will without a visa.

Mr Ablakwa said it turns out Anthony Fabian was her clever phantom creation.” It remains a mystery how she managed to obtain a Ghanaian male passport in the name of a ghostly Anthony Fabian with Passport Number: H2554456,” the lawmaker said in a Facebook post.

He noted that court documents in his possession from her 2017 and 2018 aborted prosecution and other intercepted official records reveal that the Passport Office and the Foreign Ministry had absolutely no information about any application by the said Anthony Fabian for a Ghanaian passport. There was also no manual or biometric trace.

Ghana’s Birth and Death Registry also has no record of anyone called Anthony Fabian.

When investigators demanded that she produce Anthony Fabian, Mr Ablakwa said Aisha told them her husband was domiciled in New York. However, system checks on PISCES (Personal Identification Secured Certified Evaluation System) returned negative. The New York phone number she provided to security operatives was never picked. She could also not provide a valid New York address.

The lawmaker further disclosed that immigration records confirm that no Anthony Fabian has ever used the Kotoka International Airport or any of our approved entry points.

“Pictures of Aisha’s Anthony Fabian (not the Anthony Fabian who is a British film producer, writer and director) do not appear to exist — not even wedding pictures. Anthony Fabian has remained a mystery husband since 2007,” the Facebook post said.

Her lawyers, Mr Ablakwa said should tell Ghanaians how many husbands Aisha Huang is married to or when exactly the “duppy Anthony Fabian was divorced for the current love of her life who according to Nkrabeah Effah Dartey is a Kumasi-based businessman.”

“Aisha Huang is not our in-law, and we really don’t care if she is — this sympathy wheeze by her legal team is most ridiculous. Ghanaians must not fall for this latest gobbledygook,” he stated.

“En Huang with her numerous aliases is unmistakably a modern female version of Al Capone and must be made to suffer severe punishment for her many crimes. Thanks to her and her collaborators, we face an existential threat. I am therefore extremely disappointed in the prosecution that she hasn’t been charged with offences relating to her Anthony Fabian grand criminal enterprise and for illegally obtaining a dubious male Ghanaian Passport which she used to mislead immigration officials to entrench her stay in Ghana,” he concluded.


Source: Mensah