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5 Simple ways to get rid of acne on the back

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Dear Hormones,

Facial acne is bad enough! Is the “back attack” really necessary??



I hope you don’t mind me submitting that letter on behalf of us all. It just had to be done.

Anyway, let’s fight “back” on this one, shall we ladies? Here are five simple ways to get rid of that pesky bacne for good!

Always wash after sweating, and do it ASAP!
This skin condition is generally caused by excess oil production of the sebaceous glands and the simultaneous build-up of dead skin cells in the follicles.

Always be sure to wash your body after sweating, not only because heat and moisture are the main breeding grounds for acne-causing bacteria, but also because oil mixes with these substances in the pores. If that’s not a recipe for dermal disaster, I don’t know what is.

Change your pillowcases and sheets weekly
If you don’t change your pillowcase frequently enough, it starts to accrue oil, dirt, sweat, and other nasty, acne-causing things. Throw your sheets in the wash and change them at least twice a week, and keep both your detergent and fabric softener fragrance-free.

Try light therapy
Some LED devices (blue, red, and blue+ red) have been FDA-approved for at-home use. This treatment, also known as “phototherapy,” uses light of certain wavelengths to kill acne-causing bacteria without damaging the skin.

Use benzoyl peroxide
This over-the-counter (OTC) treatment, much like the light therapy described above, kills bacteria that cause acne. Because it is topical, it penetrates the skin deeply, which is particularly good for bacne because the skin on your back is thicker than the skin on your face.

Protect your skin from the sun
The sun’s damaging rays not only darken acne and cause it to last longer, but also increase inflammation, thereby exaggerating the redness of your breakouts.

Always use sunscreen, but also make sure it is oil-free and light so that it doesn’t clog your pores

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