Saturday, 13 April

Chance for Childhood and Entain launch 'Disability Detect App'

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Disability App

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Chance for Childhood, in partnership with Entain's Ennovate Innovation Hub, has unveiled the Disability Detect Application (App) to help identify developmental delays in Ghanaian children. 

This innovative digital solution aims to identify developmental delays and disabilities in children aged 3-8 years, marking a significant stride in early childhood education and development.

The Disability Detect App is a user-friendly mobile application designed to empower teachers and parents with the necessary tools to screen preschool-aged children for developmental delays and disabilities. 

Even in low-technology environments, the App ensures accessibility, catering to the diverse circumstances of children.

Anna-Mai Andrews, CEO of Chance for Childhood, expressed excitement about the App's potential impact on early childhood education in Ghana. 

"By providing teachers and parents with knowledge and tools to identify developmental delays early, the initiative aims to ensure that every child receives the support needed to thrive," she said.

The launch of the Disability Detect toolkit addresses a recognised gap in Ghana's Inclusive Education Policy. 

Despite the policy's goal to support the education of all children with special educational needs, many children with disabilities often go unnoticed in data and are overlooked in social and education programmes. 

The App seeks to rectify this by enabling early detection and intervention.

To kickstart the initiative, Chance for Childhood has trained 40 teachers on the Disability Detect App, initiating a pilot programme in 20 governmental pre-primary schools. 

The goal is to identify children with developmental delays and disabilities early, allowing for effective interventions and support. 

The App is expected to enhance individual and organisational capacity in identifying children with developmental challenges through improved training, knowledge, and skills.

Sophie Platts, Group Head of Sustainability at Entain, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership and the potential impact of technology on social change.

The Disability Detect App, by leveraging technology, is poised to make a substantial difference in the lives of many children in Ghana.

This collaboration signifies a transformative approach to support marginalised children excluded from education. 

Entain's involvement in this initiative reflects a commitment to creating a lasting legacy of positive impact for the most vulnerable children.

Parents, teachers, and the wider community are invited to learn more about the Disability Detect App and join Chance for Childhood and Entain in their mission to ensure that every child, regardless of abilities, is allowed to learn, play, and reach their full potential.

Source: Mensah