Friday, 19 July

Free dialysis: CEO appeals for support for healthcare Initiatives

Health News
Dr De-Costa Aboagye

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Dr. De-Costa Aboagye, has called on Ghanaians to support the authority’s initiatives aimed at addressing the healthcare needs of the nation.

Dr Aboagye emphasized the importance of collective support from the public and hospital management to make these healthcare initiatives a reality. 

He highlighted the introduction of free dialysis treatment for individuals under 19 and those over 60 years old as part of the NHIA's tailored health delivery strategies.

“Starting June 1, 2024, anyone below 19 years or 60 years requiring dialysis treatment will receive it free of charge,” Dr. Aboagye announced. 

This initiative is supported by a parliamentary approval of GHS 4.2 million to cover the costs for this demographic from now until December.

To further bolster the programme, the NHIA has reallocated GH 2 million from its Corporate Social Responsibility budget to support the free dialysis initiative. 

Dr. Aboagye acknowledged the funding challenges facing the scheme, particularly in covering preventive diseases, as the NHIA currently primarily funds curative treatments.

He was hopeful that the law establishing the scheme would be changed to include this disease prevention.

He further hoped that it would get to a time when people could receive text messages prompting them to go for check-ups. 

He revealed that the government is set to announce a comprehensive plan for managing chronic diseases in Ghana, which will offer additional relief to the public.

Dr. Aboagye's appeal underscores the NHIA's commitment to improving healthcare services and addressing critical health issues through innovative and inclusive policies.

Dr Aboagye made this appeal in an interview on Accra-based Neat FM.