Saturday, 13 April

GSS: 76% men unaware of HIV status

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Godwin Odei Gyebi, the Acting Director of Demography at the Ghana Statistical Service

Startling revelations have emerged from the recent Ghana Demographic and Health Survey conducted by the Ghana Statistical Service, shedding light on concerning statistics related to HIV awareness and prevention among men aged 15 to 49.

The data disclosed a substantial 76 per cent of men in the above age bracket remain unaware of their HIV status. 

Additionally, only 28% reported the use of condoms during sexual encounters with non-cohabiting partners.

In contrast, women in the same age group exhibited higher levels of awareness, with approximately 54% undergoing HIV testing, and 11% incorporating condom use during sexual activities with non-cohabiting partners.

Godwin Odei Gyebi, the Acting Director of Demography at the Ghana Statistical Service, emphasised the crucial need for men to be proactive in understanding and managing their HIV status. 

The findings underscored the importance of targeted efforts to enhance HIV awareness and prevention strategies, particularly among the male population.

“11 percent of women indicated that they use a condom and 28 percent of men indicated the same. People who have tested for HIV and received their results are 54 percent for women and 24 percent for men. Men are not doing well as far as women are concerned. In the last 12 months, 15 percent of women and 7 percent of men have tested for HIV and have their results,” he said.

The GSS also found that nearly 80 per cent of Ghanaians have discriminatory attitudes towards persons living with HIV.

He revealed: “74 percent of those women who indicated that they have heard of HIV will not buy from a shopkeeper who is HIV positive and 65 percent of men indicated that they will also not buy fresh vegetables from HIV positives.”

Source: Okwang