Monday, 17 June

NE/R: Desist from tramadol use – FDA warns Gambaga, Nalerigu youth as it seizes over 200 illegal medical products

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The FDA confiscated the illegal drugs from various locations in Gambaga

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) in the North East Region has intensified its fight against drug abuse, seizing and destroying over 200 illegal medical products, including tramadol, a drug commonly abused by the youth.

In a joint operation with the Gambaga and Nalerigu Youth Association, National Investigation Bureau, Narcotic Control Board, and other stakeholders, the FDA confiscated the illegal drugs from various locations in Gambaga. 

The seized items, worth thousands of dollars, were subsequently destroyed in a bid to curb the growing issue of drug addiction in the region.

The head of the FDA in the North East Region, Jacob Amoako Mensah, emphasised the severe consequences of drug abuse and addiction, particularly among the youth. 

He warned that addiction could lead to detrimental effects on individuals' lives and contribute to criminal behaviour.

“What we want to tell the youth is that they should desist from tramadol. When it gets to a point when the person has become addicted, it is difficult to treat such a person. So we don’t want them to be using tramadol. Let doctors prescribe tramadol before one uses it,” Mr. Mensah stated.

The operation is part of the FDA's sustained efforts to combat drug abuse in the region. The agency has been actively working to reduce the prevalence of drug addiction among the youth in Ghana and is urging parents, teachers, and community leaders to help in this endeavour.

“This exercise today, we have the youth, we have the Gambaga and Nalerigu Youth Association, the National Investigation Bureau, and Narcotic Control Board, all being part and the two Associations who have helped us to embark on this particular exercise to destroy this quantity of tramadol that we are destroying today,” added Mr. Mensah.

Source: Adiku