Saturday, 13 April

Over 835,000 men in Ghana uncircumcised – 2022 GDHS, GSS Report

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A man undergoing circumcision

In latest findings from the Ghana Statistical Service's 2022 Ghana Demographic Health Survey (GSS-GDHS), it has been revealed that approximately 5 per cent of Ghanaian men remain uncircumcised, translating to an estimated 835,000 individuals in the country.

The comprehensive survey, covering a spectrum of health-related aspects such as the prevalence of HIV/AIDS-related behaviors, STDs, health insurance, and health coverage, sheds light on the circumcision landscape among Ghanaian men aged 15-49.

The data indicates that a substantial 95% of men in the aforementioned age group have undergone circumcision, with religious, traditional, and cultural factors playing significant roles in this prevalent practice.

The statistics bring attention to the diversity of choices and cultural influences impacting the circumcision rates among Ghanaian men.

The survey provides a valuable snapshot of the nation's health dynamics, emphasising the importance of understanding cultural and religious contexts in shaping health-related behaviours.

The GSS’s Acting Director of Demography, Godwin Odei Gyebi, said this comprehensive array of indicators will furnish valuable insights into the health and well-being of the populace.

Source: Okwang