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Pull down 'scary' Ashaley-Botwe 'Tower of Babel' now; it has no permit! Adam Bonaa

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The six-storey-building has become a major cause of concern for residents

A security analyst, Mr Adam Bonaa, has said he will soon engage the Ministry of Works and Housing and other stakeholders to pull down a six-storey building under construction at School Junction at Ashaley-Botwe, which, in his view, poses danger.

The six-storey building has become a major cause of concern for residents in the area, who fear it could collapse.

According to the locals, the uncompleted structure is a disaster-in-waiting.

The Adentan Municipal Assembly has confirmed that the owner of the building does not have the structural engineering permit to put up the building.

Speaking on 12 Live on Class 91.3FM on Monday, 16 November 2020, Mr Bonaa noted that initially, when he saw the building, he assumed that the owner had done the necessary ground works needed for such structures.

He said: “The building was so close to the road so much so that the municipal assembly workers or the municipal would not mention what is going on. So, I took it for granted that they would have seen this might not pose any hazard to anybody – they’re structural engineers and they’re permitting people, therefore, it is legitimate.”

Mr Bonaa indicated that as images of the building began springing up on social media, he decided to do a follow-up on it.

“When I checked with the Municipal Assembly, I was told that the building didn’t have any permit; no architectural permit, no engineering or building permit at all. For such a building, you need an architectural and a structural engineering permit because you’re talking about several floors and, so, they need to make sure that the soil on which the building is standing can support such a structure.”

The security analyst further disclosed that: “I’ve actually had virtual meetings with the Municipal Assembly. I’m hopefully going to see how I can engage the Works and Housing Ministry and then the Ministry of Local Government, because the local assembly comes under the local government and the Ministry of National Security.

“This will hit the international airwaves and it will not be good for us; people will die. It needs to be controlled, controlled demolition because where it has gotten to, pulling it down is the right thing to do but if they have to pull it down, it needs to be done in a manner that people will not get hurt,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Director of the National Disaster Mangement Organisation (NADMO) for the Adentan Municipality, Mr Humphrey Ankamah, has said his office is holding a meeting with the Municipal Chief Executive with regard to the building.

“We’re aware of it, and currently, as I’m speaking about it, we’re having a technical committee [meeting] with the Municipal Chief Executive in his office now.

“With what I can confirm to you now, the structure is without a permit.”

He also added that they will need experts to pull down the building due to its current height.



Source: classfmonline.com/Elikem Adiku