Wednesday, 29 March

S/R: Jinapor supports surgery of woman with tumour on the skull

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Ms Janet Basigna, lookijng hearty after surgery

Member of Parliament (MP) for the Damongo Constituency in the Savanna Region and Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Mr Samuel Abu Jinapor, has taken up the full cost of a tumour operation of a 36- year-old lady from the Damongo district.

The woman, Miss Janet Kumbayere Basigna, has had the tumour growing on her forehead for more than two years.

She started suffering after it had reoccurred following an initial operation some years back.

But for the intervention of the Damongo MP, the woman could have died from her condition being unable to foot the bill for her operation. 

The consultant Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon of the Tamale Teaching Hospital, Dr Ighohwo Ethuh, in an exclusive interview with Class 91.3 FM narrated how the lady was brought to his facility and the processes involved in removing the tumour.

He said he received a call from Mr Jinapor to go ahead with the operation irrespective of the cost to save the life of the woman.

According to him, the medical procedure was a big challenge since the tumour had grown long into the skull of Ms Basigna.

He disclosed that several units of blood were used in the operation and indicated that he feels very great as a surgeon for successfully operating.

The Doctor used the opportunity to thank all the people who spend money in supporting patients with such conditions since the cost involved is always very big.

Close to over GHS160,000 has so far been spent on Ms Basigna by the lawmaker Samuel Abu Jinapor.

The Municipal Chief Executive for West Gonja, Mr. Karim Musah Kusbari, who visited the patient on behalf of the MP said she met the MP during one of his rounds in the Constituency and upon seeing her condition without questioning who she was, she was asked to meet him, [the MCE] for medical assistance.

He said the MP has over the years financially assisted in the medical situations of many of the constituents including cases needing operations for strangulated hernia.

The MCE added that the Damongo Constituency MP hates to see people suffer such health conditions and is ever ready to support people in these conditions.

Meanwhile, Ms Janet Basigna, the tumour patient, in an interview thanked the Damongo MP for spending such a huge amount of money to see her alive.

She said the likes of Samuel Abu Jinapor are rare and prayed for the MP to continuously go higher in all his endeavours.

Source: Mensah