Friday, 21 February

5 envoys present letters to Akufo-Addo

New Ambassadors meet President Akufo-Addo

Five newly-accredited ambassadors to Ghana by their respective countries, have presented their letters of credence to President Nana Akufo-Addo signifying the formal commencement of their duty in Ghana.

The envoys are Bril Vyacheslav, from the eastern European State of Belarus; and Jyrki Juhani, from the northern European state of Finland.

The three others are from The Gambia, Amadu Taal; Morroco, Imaani Ouaadil and Natasha Halfhuid from the Southern American state of Suriname.

The Moroccan Ambassador Imaani Ouaadil, when she took her turn to present her letters of credence, indicated that she was looking forward to strengthening the economic relations that exist between Ghana and her country.

She was hopeful that during her stay in Ghana, she will spare no effort to expand and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the two governments and peoples and take Ghana-Morocco bilateral relations to a new height.

Ambassador Natasha Halfhuid of Suriname, in her address, observed that Suriname, like Ghana, has huge reserves of rainforest with an abundance of freshwater conducive for farming and eco-tourism.

Suriname, she said, is also rich in gold, bauxite and has prospects of huge deposits of oil and gas.

"The abundance of all these resources presents to both Ghana and Suriname a new chapter, as it relates to trade, investment and partnerships, providing us with immediate opportunities for strengthening our economic ties", Halfhuid said.

President Akufo-Addo, in a brief remark to the Belarussian Ambassador noted that it will certainly make economic sense for Ghana to liaise with Belarus to enhance the exploitation of her natural resources by tapping into the country’s technological know-how.

The Ambassador of the Eastern European state, Bril Vyacheslav, for his part, noted that Ghana is not only known as a country with huge economic potential but is also considered to be the hub of the West African Market. To this end, the Ambassador said, "Belarus is highly motivated to intensify the development of trade and economic relations with the Republic of Ghana."

The educational system of Finland, according to Ambassador Jyrki Juhani, has seen a tremendous improvement and has become one of the best in Europe. He further proposed that Finland is ready to make available to Ghana all the policies that have made her educational system a success in order for Ghana to use the same tools to improve her education system.

President Akufo-Addo, in response, said the government, through the Education Ministry, is very much ready to send a delegation to Finland to gather first-hand information of the Finnish education system in order to employ the same method to improve Ghana's education sector.

The last to present his credentials was The Gambian High Commissioner to Ghana, Amadu Taal. He commended President Akufo-Addo for what he says is "the clear vision you have defined for the development of your country. We have no doubt that this development strategy is beginning to yield positive results in various sectors of the economy."