Sunday, 23 June

Ambulance trial: Dame thinks he was still the Deputy doing the hatchet job for gov’t-University don

Godfred Yeboah Dame, Attorney General and Minister of Justice

A political science lecturer at the University of Cape Coast in the Central Region has criticized the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Godfred Dame, for his alleged misconduct in the ongoing ambulance trial. 

Dr. Jonathan Asante Otchere expressed his disapproval, stating that as the leader of the Bar, the Minister should uphold the highest standards of integrity rather than resorting to questionable tactics to incriminate an accused person.

The controversy centres around statements made by the third accused in the ambulance case, Mr. Richard Jakpa, who alleged in open court that Mr. Dame has been contacting him at odd hours, pressuring him to implicate the Majority Leader, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson. 

According to Mr. Jakpa, these interactions included multiple meetings and phone conversations, which he revealed during Thursday’s court proceedings.

 These allegations are now part of the official court record.

Dr. Asante Otchere accused Mr. Dame of acting as if he were still the Deputy Minister for Justice, carrying out partisan tasks to please the President. 

He emphasized that Mr. Dame must remember his current role as Attorney-General and ensure that his actions are exemplary.

In an interview on Accra 100.5 FM on Friday, May 25, 2024, Dr. Asante Otchere stated that if Mr. Jakpa’s allegations were true, it would be a serious issue, bringing the office of the Attorney-General into disrepute regarding justice delivery. 

He stressed the biblical repercussions of bearing false witness and incriminating someone unjustly, quoting, "He whom the gods want to destroy is deprived of reason."

Dr. Asante Otchere called on the President to relieve Mr. Dame of his position to uphold the integrity of the office.

Source: Mensah