Thursday, 30 May

Ameri name tainted with NDC’s corruption-NPP

Paul Yandoh, Ashanti NPP Communications Dire ctor

The Ashanti Regional branch of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has lauded the government's decision to rename the Ameri Power Plant before relocating it to the region to enhance the power supply needs of the populace.

The NPP expressed that the residents of Ashanti are vehemently opposed to any association with the tainted Ameri Power Plant. 

According to the party, the term "Ameri" serves as a painful reminder to the locals of the rampant corruption associated with the National Democratic Congress' procurement of the plant.

Mr. Paul Yandoh, the Director of Communications for NPP in the Ashanti Region, disclosed these sentiments during an interview on the Breaking News programme on Kumasi-based Kesben TV on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

Mr Yandoh elucidated that historically, power plants bear the name of the locality where they are situated, such as the Kumasi 1 Thermal Plant, Takoradi Thermal Plant, and Aboadzi Thermal Plant in the Western Region. 

Hence, he emphasized the appropriateness of the name change to align with this convention.

He urged the government to disregard the propaganda from the opposition NDC and prioritize the welfare of the Ashanti Region's residents. 

Mr Yandoh highlighted the controversial circumstances surrounding the Ameri Power Plant's acquisition by the NDC, noting that the NDC had inflated its price by a staggering twenty-two million dollars. 

Consequently, he questioned why the people of Ashanti should bear the burden of such a tarnished name.

Mr Yandoh underscored that the Ameri Power Plant deal had inflicted enduring harm on Ghana, and therefore, a name change is imperative to dissociate the region from its tainted past.

Source: Mensah