Thursday, 18 April

Ban on Easter Activities at Ave Dakpa

People celebrating Easter

The Akatsi North District Assembly has released a press statement announcing a ban on Easter activities in Ave Dakpa, located in the Volta Region. 

Mr Simon Ofosu, the District Chief Executive (DCE), emphasised that this decision came after a thorough evaluation of police permits and Easter event details in Ave Dakpa by the District Security Committee (DISEC).

In the issued statement, specific directives were outlined.

 Notably, there is a prohibition on Delademi and any other festivals in Ave Dakpa until further notice. 

However, regular Christian celebrations, funeral rites, apprenticeship graduations, and traditional customary rites remain permissible. 

DISEC warns against transforming these gatherings into festivals or durbars.

Moreover, residents of Ave Dakpa are reminded of an impending interim injunction against the Ameshikpe festival and are urged to respect the court's decision.

 The Assembly appeals for the cooperation and understanding of all community members during this period.

Source: Amoanimaa Osei