Sunday, 14 July

Comparing Ghana and Dubai: Anokye Frimpong criticises leadership as Ghana's dev't hurdle

Dr. Yaw Anokye Frimpong

Dr. Yaw Anokye Frimpong ESQ, the 2024 Presidential candidate hopeful of the People’s Redemption Movement, has identified poor leadership as the primary obstacle to Ghana’s development.

Speaking on the Class Morning Show with Kwame Dwomoh-Ayemang oN Class91.3FM, Dr. Anokye Frimpong compared Ghana's resources to Dubai's, asserting that Ghana has the potential to become a first-world country but has been hindered by inadequate leadership.

“Ghana has got all it takes to push us to become a first world country but we’ve got the wrong leadership in place, and once we have poor leadership, consistently the country will fail,” he lamented.

He highlighted that Dubai's transformation was achieved by leveraging its limited resources—sand, sea, and sun—while Ghana possesses superior assets, including better climate conditions, richer marine resources, fertile agricultural land, and valuable minerals like lithium.

"Ghana has also got the sun and its better than the Dubai sun because it is not that [hot], the sea which is better than the Arabian sea because this is the Atlantic and it’s got all the fish in world and then the sand which is better than the Arabian sand because Ghana’s is an agricultural land," he stated. 

Dr. Anokye Frimpong emphasised that Ghana’s natural advantages should enable it to surpass Dubai’s development.

He also criticised the prevailing economic philosophy, arguing that the state, rather than the private sector, should be the engine of growth.

Dr. Anokye Frimpong contended that the shift towards privatisation since the Rawlings era has led to the failure of many industries established by Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

He questioned the continued adherence to policies favoring private sector-driven growth, suggesting that state-led enterprises are essential for creating jobs and driving development.

“Since Rawlings came to power and we followed the path that private sector is the engine of growth all things have failed. Industries put up by Nkrumah have all failed because we switched from the state as the engine of growth to the private sector. Having sampled the private sector through Rawlings, Kufuor, Atta Mills, Mahama, and Akufo-Addo, nothing is working so how do you continue to follow NPP and NDC with the policy that the state must not set up enterprises to create jobs for the people of Ghana,” he questioned.