Sunday, 25 February

Corruption: We can make savings if we vigorously fight it -Alan Kyerematen

Alan Kyeremanten

Mr Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, the independent presidential aspirant for the 2024 general elections and leader of the Movement for Change, has emphasized the urgent need for an intensified fight against corruption in Ghana. 

He stated that a robust anti-corruption campaign has the potential to bring about significant gains for the country.

Mr Kyerematen raised key questions regarding corruption, including when, how, and who will be held accountable for acts of misappropriation and misdeeds in successive administrations.

 He stated that the high level of corruption in the country is the reason the government has been resorting to borrowing.

He said should Ghana nip corruption in the bud, the country will be so resourced that borrowing will be avoidable.

The former Trade Minister was speaking at the National Economic Summit (NES) organized in Accra on Friday by the  Movement for Change.

“ If we are able to abate corruption we will not need to borrow”, Mr. Kyeremanten stressed.

The summit represented a crucial platform for discussing and addressing the economic challenges facing Ghana, with the aspiration of fostering collaboration and a shared vision for the country's future, he maintained.

He also highlighted the importance of generating more wealth in the country and ensuring its inclusive distribution among the population.

''The National Economic Summit aimed to mobilize talents across the country, transcending political, religious, and ethnic affiliations, and to move beyond party manifestoes towards the formulation of a National Development Plan that garners support from all Ghanaians'' he said.

According to him, over the past few months, he had assembled a team of experts from various fields to formulate the Great Transformational Plan (GTP), anchored on 15 pillars grouped under Economic, Infrastructure, Social Services, Governance, and Behavioural and Attitudinal Change Clusters.

This summit focused on finding solutions rather than dwelling on the causes of problems, he noted.

Mr  Kyerematen expressed the need for a solution-oriented approach to address the economic challenges faced by the country. He stressed that the summit marked the first step, concentrating on the Economic Cluster, with plans to convene additional sessions to discuss other clusters of the GTP.

The leader expressed hope for constructive conversations and enriching dialogue at the summit, emphasizing its non-partisan nature. 

He said participants were expected to deliberate on resetting the country on a path to prosperity, generating more wealth inclusively, and determining accountability for past acts of misappropriation and misdeeds.

As a politician, Mr Kyerematen acknowledged his pursuit of political power but underscored his commitment to a noble cause – bringing economic prosperity to the nation.

Source: Mensah