Monday, 17 June

Economic mess: Why is Akufo-Addo off the hook unlike Mahama – Spares parts PRO

Takyi Addo , Head of Communication for Abossey Okai Spare Parts Dealers Association addressingn the press

The Public Relations Officer(PRO) of the Abossey Okai Spare Parts Dealers Association Takyi Addo has sharply criticized the leadership of trading groups, accusing them of partisanship and leniency towards the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Mr Addo expressed frustration over the leadership’s failure to adequately address the government regarding the current state of the economy and the depreciation of the cedi, which he claims is severely impacting their operations.

"If the National Democratic Congress (NDC) were in power, our leadership would have mobilized members to close their shops and stage demonstrations to express our concerns over the economic crisis," Mr Addo said.

 "We have failed and are pretending that the country is heading in the right direction when, in reality, we are in a severe economic crisis."

Mr Addo emphasized that the depreciation of the cedi has led to increased prices of spare parts, adversely affecting their business operations. 

He criticized the Finance Ministry’s current meeting with business groups, including spare parts dealers, as superfluous and suggested that the leadership should have boycotted it.

"I am outraged and furious and do not understand why our leadership would honour this meeting. 

“They should have boycotted it because it was unnecessary. The situation has deteriorated. We should be on the streets by now."

Recalling their actions in 2015, Mr Addo noted, "We criticized the previous government and demanded better leadership. 

“If not for hypocrisy, why would our leadership honour a meeting when we never afforded the previous government the same opportunity?"

Mr Addo also rebuked the media for not holding the current government accountable, as he believes they did during the NDC administration. 

"When the NPP is in power, they don't receive the same scrutiny as the NDC. The majority of our leaders do not hold the NPP accountable as they do with the NDC. 

“Are they not human beings? We should be bold, hold every government accountable, and demand better leadership."

Expressing his anger over the depreciation of the cedi, Mr Addo declared.

"The cedi has depreciated to unimaginable levels, yet we have remained silent. I am extremely angry about this and do not wish to elaborate on why this is happening.”

He urged the leadership to take decisive action, reflecting the urgency of the economic challenges they face. 

Mr Takyi voiced these concerns in an interview on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM

Source: Mensah