Thursday, 18 April

Group supports Alan Kyerematen's call for Christian leaders

Alan Kyerematen in church

A group known as Christian Vanguard, based in Accra, has expressed astonishment regarding a press statement issued by another group called Bawumia Must Win (BMW). 

The BMW group called on Mr Alan Kyerematen to retract and apologise for a statement he made at the Church of Pentecost over the weekend.

In his statement dated April 2, 2024, and signed by Elder Sampson Nimako, the spokesperson for the group expressed belief Mr Kyerematen emphasised the importance of Christians, who constitute a significant portion of the Ghanaian population, choosing a leader who embodies Christ-like qualities.

After listening to the recording containing Mr Kyerematen's statement, the Christian Vanguard held that Mr Kyerematen deserves commendation for urging Christians to select a leader whose life reflects Christ's teachings. 

The group questioned whether the BMW group was advocating for Christians to vote for a leader whose lifestyle contradicts Christ's teachings, the statement queried.

Additionally, the group inquired if the BMW believed that their leader, Alhaji Bawumia, does not live a Christ-like life, prompting their objection to Mr Kyerematen's statement.

The Christian Vanguard highlighted the historical trend where Ghana, since independence, had consistently elected Christian leaders, considering the country's over 70% Christian population. 

The group asserted Ghana requires a leader with a Christ-like character to combat corruption, falsehoods, and underdevelopment.

Consequently, the Christian Vanguard concluded that only an anti-Christian group would oppose calls for Christians to choose a leader with Christ-like qualities. 

They reminded the public that the NPP had greatly benefited from Christian votes in the past and should not allow a few misguided individuals, under the guise of Bawumia Must Win and with the support of the NPP's flagbearer, Alhaji Bawumia, to undermine Christian Vanguard.

Source: Mensah