Sunday, 25 February

'I'm not corrupt, have never been and will never be' – Alan Kyerematen

Alan Kyeremanten

Mr Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, the independent presidential aspirant for the 2024 general elections and Founder of the Movement for Change has thrown down the gauntlet to all presidential candidates in the presidential race to the Jubilee House to come clean on the issue of corruption.

Mr Kyerematen asserted that he has maintained a clean record both in the private and public sectors of the country, emphasising his commitment to integrity.

In an interview on Accra-based Asempa FM on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, Mr Kyerematen highlighted his early career at the age of 22 as a manager at UAC (now Unilever) through the United Nations (UN) and to public service.

He declared that no corruption allegations had been levelled against him, and he affirmed, "I have never been, I'm not, and I will never be corrupt."

The former Minister of Trade and Industry outlined his primary focus as the leader of the Movement for Change, emphasising his determination to fix the economy and tackle corruption. 

He articulated his vision for eradicating corruption and redirecting the funds lost through corrupt practices toward national development.

Mr Kyerematen underscored the detrimental impact of corruption on Ghana's development over the years, labeling it a disincentive. 

He stressed that a robust anti-corruption campaign could yield significant benefits for the country. 

During the interview, he posed critical questions about corruption, seeking accountability for misappropriation and misdeeds in successive administrations.

The presidential aspirant argued that the pervasive corruption in the country is a driving force behind government borrowing. 

He asserted that by effectively combating corruption, Ghana could become self-reliant, making borrowing unnecessary. 

"If we are able to abate corruption, we will not need to borrow," Mr Kyerematen asserted.

Source: Mensah