Saturday, 20 April

'I've never been and'll never be corrupt' – Kyerematen to appoint anti-graft Czar to deal with canker

Mr Kyerematen says: ‘I have the personal integrity to fight those who are corrupt’

Mr. Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, the founder of the Movement for Change has pledged to address escalating corruption in the country by instituting an anti-corruption Czar with robust prosecutorial powers.

The independent presidential hopeful articulated his commitment to combat corruption during discussions with the leadership of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in Accra on Wednesday 27, 2024, as part of organised labour's efforts to promote a manifesto guiding the country's development in the lead-up the December 2024 elections.

He emphasised his intention to amend the Constitution and establish an independent anti-corruption Czar, separate from the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, empowered to tackle corruption independently and without bias.

Asserting the importance of personal integrity in leading the fight against corruption, Mr Kyerematen highlighted his track record, stating, "I have never been corrupt and I will never be corrupt". 

"I have the personal integrity to fight those who are corrupt," he said.

In addition to his anti-corruption agenda, Mr Kyerematen outlined plans for an agricultural revolution, including an "Operation Own a Farm" initiative to encourage citizens and non-citizens to participate in farming activities. 

"If you go to Botswana, everybody owns a cow and at the weekend, they are encouraged to go and farm", he cited as an example to buttress his point.

He intends to introduce a "Farm for Life as a Business" initiative and pledged government facilitation of this programme if elected, urging the involvement of faith-based organisations.

Furthermore, Mr Kyerematen promised to strengthen this initiative, by positioning it as a flagship policy of his government to bolster the agriculture sector and create opportunities for all. 

Source: Mensah