Thursday, 30 May

I will form a truly representative government -Alan kyerematen

Members of ARC after signing an MoU

Independent presidential candidate and leader of the Alliance for Change (ARC), Alan Kyerematen, has voiced a resolute commitment to establishing a truly representative government should he secure victory in the upcoming December 7, general elections. Mr Kyerematen emphasized this pledge during the national launch of ARC and its affiliates, made up of seven political organizations emphasizing the paramount importance of advancing a national unity agenda for the 2024 elections.

He articulated that his administration would be dedicated to fostering a government that genuinely serves all citizens, transcending traditional political affiliations. 

Mr Kyerematen envisions an all-inclusive governance model, encompassing a diverse array of sectors such as farmers, professional groups, fisher-folks, traders, faith-based organizations, and civil society entities to redefine the architecture of political governance of Ghana.

"I don't aim to establish a government solely dominated by politicians," Mr Kyerematen asserted firmly.

 He stressed the imperative for politicians to prioritize the empowerment of the populace over personal gain, underscoring that governance should fundamentally prioritize the welfare of the people above all else.

In his vision, the essence of governance lies in serving the interests of the citizenry, not merely catering to the agendas of politicians.

Mr  Kyerematen underscored the necessity for a paradigm shift towards leadership that prioritizes the enrichment and well-being of all Ghanaians, transcending the self-serving tendencies often associated with political authority

Source: Mensah