Wednesday, 23 June

IPAC agrees on all-year-round voter registration

EC Chair Jean Mensa

The Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) of the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana has agreed to implement a continuous voter registration exercise to enable eligible first-time voters and those who are qualified but have not been registered, to do so.

At a two-day IPAC review workshop on the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections in Accra, it was also agreed that a committee be set up to deliberate on the implementation modalities for the continuous voter registration.

“The continuous voter registration should be implemented with proof of citizenship being limited to the use of the Ghana card and Ghana passport since the guarantee system is often abused,” IPAC stated.

The committee also agreed to introduce an all-year-round voter exhibition exercise through the use of technology (SMS shortcode).

Additionally, the periodic mass verification at exhibition centres will be maintained.

IPAC also put in place a cut-off time for the continuous voter register exhibition to allow for the compilation of the register for voting on Election Day.

As proposed by the Chairperson of the EC, Mrs Jean Mensa, the time for the close of polls has been revised from 5 pm to 3 pm.