Saturday, 03 June

Kumawu by-poll: Sudden flurry of road, infrastructure works not to buy votes | Amoako Attah: 'We'll shame critics'

Kwasi Amoako-Attah

The minister of roads and highways Kwasi Amoako Attah  has denied claims that the overnight road and infrastructure works ongoing in the Kumawu constituency in the Ashanti Region are meant to swindle the locals for votes in the upcoming by-poll slated for Tuesday, 23 May 2023 following the death of MP Philip Basoah in March this year.

In the past few days, heavyduty and mega earthmoving vehicles and equipment have flooded Kumawu and being used for major road construction and repair works.

The locals say they have never seen that kind of avid road and infrastructural development in such a short period of time while the opposition National Democratic Congress has expressed suspicions about it.

Disspelling the suspicions, Mr Amoako Attah told journalists in the constituency that the works being done had been planned long ago before the by-poll arose.

"The entire road project had already been procured for the contractor", he said, adding: "The people of this area, from Juaben to Kumawu, will be living witnesses of what is going to happen after the by-election of May 23".

"They will see whether the contractor is going to stop work or not, and it will put to shame all this false information", he noted.