Wednesday, 29 May

Limited Registration exercise: MP calls on EC to make backup machines available

Mr Akwasi Konadu, the Member of Parliament for Manhyia North Constituency

Mr Akwasi Konadu, the Member of Parliament for Manhyia North Constituency in the Ashanti region, has called on the Electoral Commission (EC) to provide backup machines to ensure a smooth and efficient voter registration process.

Several districts across the country have encountered network and technical difficulties in the ongoing limited voter registration exercise, and Manhyia North Constituency is no exception regarding these challenges. 

These technical glitches have not only slowed down the registration process but have also left registrants stranded at some EC offices, the lawmaker said.

The MP, who personally monitored the registration exercise, expressed his concern that these technical challenges and the slow pace of registration could lead to many potential voters being unable to register. 

He emphasised that this might create unnecessary pressure on the EC as the registration period progresses.

Mr Akwasi Konadu suggested that the EC should have decentralised the registration process, possibly to polling stations or at least to electoral areas within the various constituencies.

MP made this call in an interview with Class 91.3 FM's Elisha Adarkwa.

He argued that the centralisation of the exercise had compelled political parties to transport registrants to EC offices to assist them with the registration process.

In light of these challenges, the MP urged the Electoral Commission to address the technical issues promptly to ensure a smooth and trouble-free registration exercise.

Source: Mensah