Monday, 17 June

NCCE launches capacity dialogue committees ahead of 2024 elections

Ms Kathleen Addy addressing the gathering

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has commenced work on its Capacity Dialogue Committees (CDCs) as part of proactive measures to ensure a peaceful and conflict-free 2024 general election.

 At a recent briefing, Ms Kathleen Addy emphasized the critical importance of conflict management to prevent violence before, during, and after the electoral cycle.

‘’As the nation gears up for the elections, the NCCE has adopted the theme "Together to Build Ghana: Get Involved" for 2024. 

According to her, this theme underscores the importance of collective efforts and institutional collaboration in promoting peace, security, and fair elections.

The Inter-Party Dialogue Committees (IPDCs), established by the NCCE at regional and district levels, play a pivotal role in fostering peaceful elections and political stability, she said.

She noted that ‘these committees serve as platforms for dialogue among political parties, stakeholders, and citizens to address electoral concerns, promote tolerance, and mitigate potential conflicts.”

She highlighted that the composition of the IPDCs includes registered political parties, political party-affiliated groups, faith-based organizations, civil society organizations, community-based organizations, independent governance institutions like the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), the Electoral Commission, the National Media Commission, and the Ghana Journalists Association. Representatives from security services, local government, traditional rulers, and the National Peace Council to play crucial roles, particularly at the regional level.

In past elections, she noted that the IPDCs have been instrumental in promoting peaceful coexistence and resolving disputes among political parties.

She said through constructive dialogue and mediation, the NCCE has successfully defused tensions, addressed grievances, and facilitated smooth electoral processes. 

‘Our efforts have upheld democratic values and safeguarded the integrity of the electoral process’ she further added.

She highlighted that the key activities of the IPDCs include organizing interactive forums to diffuse tensions, engaging stakeholders in resolving inter and intra-party disagreements, and conducting voter education campaigns. 

According to her, these efforts aim to raise awareness about electoral processes, rights, and responsibilities, thereby enhancing transparency and confidence in the electoral system

Source: Kwadwo Alidjah CTV