Thursday, 18 April

NPP inaugurates 40-member campaign team to annex 7 parliamentary seats in Upper East

Members of the campaign team taking an oath

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Upper East Region inaugurated a 40-member regional campaign team, signalling a bold endeavour to enhance their electoral prospects and overcome historical obstacles.

The party aims to achieve an unprecedented feat of securing seven parliamentary seats in the upcoming 2024 elections, challenging the traditional dominance of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the region.

Historically, the Upper East Region has been a stronghold for the NDC, with the NPP struggling to secure even two parliamentary seats in previous elections. 

However, fueled by renewed determination and strategic planning, the NPP now sets its sights on a transformative victory.

During the inauguration ceremony held at the GNAT Hall in the regional capital, Mr Anthony Anamo, the NPP's Regional Chairman, charged the campaign team to work diligently towards the party's objectives, particularly focusing on attaining seven parliamentary seats in the region.

Mr Anamo emphasised the crucial importance of unity and active participation, highlighting the inclusive nature of the campaign team aimed at ensuring fair representation across all constituencies.

"We must all unite behind this noble cause, sparing no effort in our pursuit of this historic milestone," Mr Anamo declared.

The ceremony attracted a significant turnout of party faithful, supporters, and officials, reflecting the palpable enthusiasm and determination to propel the NPP to victory.

Mr Frederick Opare Ansah, the NPP Campaign Manager, praised the organisation of the regional campaign team, applauding its efficiency and effectiveness.

"This campaign team embodies dedication and strategic planning. It is essential that we remain resolute in our determination, thwarting any attempts by the opposition to sow discord or division among us," he added

Source: Mensah