Sunday, 25 February

'One factory doing 24 hours not what I'm talking about' – Mahama belittles Bawumia’s pooh-pooh attempt

Former President John Mahama

A 24-hour economy will do Ghana's economy a lot of good, former President John Mahama has insisted.

During a campaign tour in the Bono East Region, Mr. Mahama clarified that his idea is different from the situation where one or a few companies run 24 hours.

This follows an attempt by Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia, the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party, to pooh-pooh the idea.

Dr Bawumia said on Monday, 20 November 2023 that Mr Mahama lacked understanding of his own idea, arguing that Ghana was already running a 24-hour economy thanks to the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia government's digitalisation campaign.

In a riposte, however, Mr Mahama said: "If one factory is doing 24 hours, that is not what I’m talking about". 

"Everybody should be encouraged to be able to do a 24-hour shift", Mr Mahama noted.

For instance, he noted: "We have the harvest season now and factories that are processing agricultural products should be able to run two shifts".

“We will give incentives for everybody who wants to run a 24-shift system to be able to do that so that more young people will be employed,” Mr Mahama added.

Two weeks ago, The Ghana Trade Union Congress said Mr Mahama's proposed 24-hour economy is a "great idea" that could be the "game-changer" for Ghana.

Mr Mahama reiterated the idea during his Building Ghana Tour on Tuesday, 7 November 2023 at which he engaged the TUC leadership at the TUC Hall in Accra.

Welcoming Mr Mahama's idea, TUC Secretary General Yaw Baah said: "We're also very interested and we are eager to know a lot more about this great idea of a 24-hour economy". 

"I think, this one, Comrade [referring to Mr Mahama], you have to take your time, bacause, I can imagine the amount of jobs that this kind of thing will create", Dr Baah gestured at the former president. 

Dr Baah said such an economy "could be the game-changer", explaining: "...You have an opportunity in this country, to work 24 hours: three shifts. So, if you don't get a job in the morning, you can get it in the afternoon or in the night". 

"So, where are the young people? Get ready for jobs", Dr Baah charged.