Friday, 19 July

Opoku Prempeh is a benevolent and generous giver: Gideon Boako

Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh

Dr Gideon Boako, spokesperson for Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has commended Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh for his benevolence and generosity. 

According to Dr Boako, the Manyhia South Member of Parliament (MP), also known as Napo, has consistently demonstrated his commitment to helping those in need, making him a well-respected figure in his community and beyond.

Dr Boako highlighted several instances where Dr Opoku Prempeh's generosity had significantly impacted individuals and groups. One notable example was his support for educational initiatives in his constituency, he cited.

"Napo has always been a champion for education, providing scholarships and resources to students who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to pursue their studies," Dr Boako remarked.

In addition to his support for education, Dr Opoku Prempeh has been instrumental in improving healthcare access in his region. 

Dr Boako noted that Napo had funded the construction of health facilities and donated medical supplies to under-resourced hospitals and clinics. 

Speaking in an interview, Dr Boako further emphasised that Dr Opoku Prempeh's generosity extended beyond material donations. 

He recounted instances where the energy minister provided mentorship and guidance to young people, helping them to navigate their careers and personal lives.

"Napo is not just a benefactor; he is a mentor and a role model to many," Dr Boako noted.

In conclusion, Dr Boako praised Dr Opoku Prempeh for his unwavering commitment to uplifting others and fostering community development. 

"His benevolence and generosity are a testament to his character and dedication to serving others. Napo's contributions have left an indelible mark on many lives, and his actions exemplify the true spirit of leadership and compassion," Dr Boako affirmed.