Friday, 07 May

PNC boils as Gen. Sec. claims flag bearer diverted 10 motorbikes, one pickup

PNC General Secretary Janet Nabla

The General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Janet Nabla, has accused the party’s 2020 flag bearer, Mr David Apasera, of diverting 10 motorbikes and a pickup truck donated to the party by some sympathisers, to his family and friends.

According to Ms Nabla, the flag bearer did not disclose the donation and he was questioned about it recently at a National Executive Committee meeting.

She also alleged in an interview that the pickup has been hijacked by the flag bearer.

Additionally, Ms Nabla claimed that the flag bearer once said he could not work with her as General Secretary because she was a woman.

In response, however, Mr Apasera denied the claims.

"There's no single soul who has benefitted from a motorbike and he's a member of my family", Mr Apasera said.

According to him, one of the bikes was given to the driver of the party’s chairman because he stayed “very far away” and was also a staunch party member.

“Some were also given to some regions” while others “were given to parliamentary candidates”.

“So, I think if you get the Organiser, [he’ll give you the details] because these were done by the Organiser not me. Because she is in trouble, she thinks that she should destroy everybody”, Mr Apasera said.

She also described as a “lie”, Ms Nabla’s claim that he once said he could not work with a woman as General Secretary.