Sunday, 14 July

Partake in December elections - Kufuor urges youth

John Agyekum Kufour

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has called on the youth of Ghana to actively participate in the upcoming December 7, elections, emphasizing their crucial role in driving the nation’s development and progress.

Speaking at the launch of the Kufuor Scholars Foundation’s voter campaign, aimed at enhancing youth participation in the December polls, Mr Kufuor highlighted the importance of youth involvement in shaping the country’s future.

 He encouraged the younger generation to view themselves as key influencers in the electoral process.

“Ghana has about 30 million citizens, and with your learning and mature brain power throughout our societies, if you would do what you should do as responsible citizens to try to give the nation good leadership, inclusive leadership, if you would do that, then I tell you, within a few years you will see Ghana turning around to really be coming up, to be emulated on the continent of Africa to better a lot of humanity,” Mr  Kufuor stated.

The former president’s appeal underscores the significance of youth engagement in achieving effective and inclusive governance, which he believes will propel Ghana toward a brighter future

Source: Mensah