Monday, 17 June

Voter registration: Capturing some data offline due to poor telco network dangerous – Mahama

Former President John D. Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama has said there is some danger in capturing some data offline due to poor telco network in the ongoing limited voter registration exercise.

The National Democratic Congress flagbearer visited the headquarters of the Electoral Commission in the Greater Accra Region to observe the process.

"This is day 4 of the exercise, and we have been receiving reports from the various district offices", Mr Mahama noted, adding: "Today, I decided to go around and see for myself". 

"I understand there are five districts here, and there’s a lot of congestion".

"People are coming from all over to register at one point", Mr Mahama observed. 

"The second thing I have noticed and the complaint", he pointed out, is that "the network is not strong, and, so, they are not able to use the instant online registration and, so, they are capturing some data offline". 

"The danger is that sometimes there’s a repeat of somebody’s name, not of his or hers", Mr Mahama said.

Also, Mr Mahama said: "I have spoken to many of the young people who have turned 18 years, and they don’t have Ghana cards. It means that if we had insisted on the Ghana card as the only means of registration, it means all these young people I have seen would not have been able to register."