Thursday, 30 May

AI will help publishers deliver good content - Ghana Publishers Association

Stakeholders launching the21 International Book Fair in Accra

The Ghana Publishers Association (GPA) has emphasised the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in facilitating the delivery of high-quality content to their audience.

Mr Asare Konadu Yamoah, the President of the Association, highlighted the necessity for members to embrace AI to amplify their efforts and broaden their audience reach amidst the digitalization wave. 

He emphasised that AI would not only augment the members' work but also extend their reach within the digital domain.

Speaking in an interview with following the launch of the 21st International Book Fair scheduled for August 8 to 11, 2024, at the International Conference Centre in Accra, Mr Yamoah reiterated that AI would enable members to craft compelling and pertinent content in the digital sphere.

While advocating for AI integration, Mr Yamoah underscored the importance of obtaining assurances from relevant institutions in the country regarding the protection of creative works from potential harm by AI. 

He also urged members to remain vigilant regarding copyright issues, citing instances of publishers in the United States taking legal action against platforms such as Chat GPT for alleged copyright infringements.

In light of these challenges, he cautioned members to exercise caution when engaging with AI platforms, emphasising the need to prioritise copyright protection.

Source: Mensah