Saturday, 24 October

COVID-19: Resort to technology to minimise spread – Chamber of Technology

Chamber of Technology

The Ghana Chamber of Technology has advised Ghanaians to resort to the use of technology to avoid the spread of COVID-19 which has been described by the World Health Organisation as a pandemic.

The Chamber says it is satisfied and applauds the moves by the government to contain the spread but believes technology will bolster efforts towards the management of the spread of the virus and minimise its impact on the social and economic lives of Ghanaians.  

The Chamber in a statement is, therefore, asking Ghanaians to use technology to communicate, to transact business and to access the news. 

The Chamber wants Ghanaians to do the following:

“We strongly advise people to explore the use of digital platforms to access government services such as passport applications where possible.

“Payment Apps and Online Banking Platforms offered by fintechs and banks for their financial transactions.

“Ecommerce platforms for the purchasing of their consumables and other needed products.

“Email, Chatting and Messaging apps such as Skype, Zoom, Google Talk, Whatsapp for their social interactions.

“Actively use digital news and information dissemination portals and platforms such as blogs, social media and official sites of national agencies, local and international organisations and credible news sources to update themselves on the Virus.”

The Chamber noted that it would support and work with all stakeholders in all efforts to find solutions to manage the spread of COVID-19.

“We advise that businesses work with technology experts to develop and implement business continuity and digital response plans to ensure customers have unhindered access to critical services,” the statement added.  

The Chamber further encouraged all religious institutions to explore the use of digital tools and channels to congregate and conduct religious activities while people also use digital avenues to conduct conferences, meetings and events that require the gathering of large people.

Source: Mensah