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Merson says: Man Utd should offer £100m for Kane | Arsenal were mind-blowing

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Harry Kane

Paul Merson says Manchester United should try to sign Harry Kane as soon as possible if they want to have any chance of winning the Premier League.

Kane's Tottenham contract expires at the end of next season and Man Utd - who do have a longstanding interest in signing the England captain - are prioritising signing a new forward in the summer.

In his latest column, Merson explains why Kane's motivations - both on and off the field - will help to decide his future, while he also discusses Arsenal's "mind-blowing" 3-2 win over Man Utd, and why Chelsea cannot be counted out of the race for the top four. 'Man Utd should offer £100m for Kane'  Tottenham have been good to Kane at the same time as Kane's been good to Tottenham. He's got kids, he's married - he's got to play where he's happy. Would you want to change all that?

He's the best centre-forward in the world. If I’m Manchester United, I’m spending £100m on Kane tomorrow. They just paid £80m for Antony and he won’t score as many goals in 10 years as Kane would score in a season for Man Utd.

Kane can play until he’s 37 because he doesn’t have to have pace - his game’s not about pace. He’s got the brain, he can come short, find the passes and score the goals. He has everything.

If Man Utd want to be anywhere near winning a title, they need a Kane. Seeing them against Arsenal, they’re a long way off still.

Kane to Chelsea? That can’t happen. If he comes to Chelsea, he loses his legacy at Tottenham. Tottenham fans would go mad. For him to go over to Chelsea, it would be the next notch down from going to Arsenal. Chelsea and Tottenham don’t get on.

'Arsenal were like the big bad wolf' 

I thought Arsenal were mind-blowing against Man Utd. For the final 20 minutes, the pressure was constant. They just suffocated Man Utd. They picked the right pass and never panicked. They were just like the big bad wolf - they just blew the house down.

You always think with Manchester City that they're going to score before the end and you're getting that with Arsenal now. It was phenomenal to watch.

I thought Eddie Nketiah would do a job for three, four, five games. I didn’t think he’d do it over this amount of games.

I like him as a goalscorer. I played with and against Gary Lineker, when the ball used to hit the post, he’d tap it in, and people would say, ‘oh, that was easy’. But no one else was there, pushing him out the way to score. That’s the thing with Nketiah.

He scored at Brighton the other week, and there was no way (Gabriel) Jesus was scoring that. He scored again on Sunday when there was no way Jesus was scoring that.

He’s been outstanding. He’s lively and he’s been very good outside the box. He’s scored big goals at big times.

But when you’ve got those players behind you, you’ve got every chance of scoring goals. They’re completely and utterly on top of their games.



Source: Sky Sports