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How to get a girl's number without asking

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How to get a girl's number whiteout asking

When a guy meets a lady for the first time, he is primarily attracted to her physical outlook.

Any other thing that attracts a guy afterwards is through personal communication.

Before any form of personal communication can take place there has to be an interaction.

As a guy, getting into a verbal or non-verbal interaction with a lady could be extremely nerve-racking.

Usually, some guys just give up in the beginning simply because they don’t know how to start a conversation with the girl they might have bumped into.

If you are that type who usually finds it difficult to get into a healthy conversation with a lady that could probably lead to you taking her number, then this is the best opportunity to get some essential tips on escaping this barrier.

In this article, I will be educating readers on how to take a girl’s phone number without asking for it directly.

1. The Reverse Call Method

If you are someone who doesn’t like to initiate long talks whenever you meet a girl for the first time, then you can use this trick.

Simply tell her you are out of airtime.

However, you need to call someone urgently because you are stuck in a place you have no idea about.

Before taking her phone, you put your phone either in a silent mood or a busy mood.

After she agrees to give you her phone, you just dial your number and put a call through.

After one or two attempts, you can give the phone back and simply tell her the receiver isn’t picking up.

Immediately you leave her sight, you save her contact and continue from there.

2. The Reverse Text Method

One other method is by sending a text message.

Probably you may be in a haste and forget to put your phone on flight mood.

With this, you could simply dial your number and send yourself a one text message to avoid taking a long time while texting.

Immediately you leave her presence, you can check your inbox and save her number from there.

It’s as easy as ABC.