Friday, 23 February

Dampare, POMAB engage pupils of Joyhil sch. as part of STYPI at Police HQ

IGP Dampare speaking with a student

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr George Akuffo Dampare and members of the Police Management Board on Wednesday held a police open-day for Pupils of Joyhil International School based in Fise-Amasaman as part of the "Snatch Them Young Policing Initiative” at the Police headquarters. 

As part of the engagement, the pupils were taken round the police headquarters where they had the opportunity view and ask questions about some of the equipment the police use in their operations. 

The IGP and his team also held a forum for the children where they were allowed to ask questions about the police and basic security. The leadership of the police took turns to answer the questions and also educate the pupils on their role in ensuring security in their communities.

The STYPI which started in Accra on September 12,2023 with students from the Police Depot Cluster of Schools in Tesano aims at instilling security awareness in children and fostering their appreciation of the police force’s work. The campaign intends to bolster children’s confidence in the police’s mission to prevent and solve crimes, apprehend wrongdoers, and maintain public order and safety

It is expected to expand its reach to schools and communities across the country, with a focus on nurturing positive relationships between the Police and the nation’s youth.