Monday, 22 July

Gender Ministry poised to fulfil mandate of supporting vulnerable

Francisca Oteng, the Deputy Minister for MoGCSP

The Ministry for Gender, Child, and Social Protection (MoGCSP) recently convened its fifth summit for the year ending 2023, aiming to mobilise essential funds crucial for fulfilling its mandate of effectively supporting vulnerable members of society. 

The primary goal of the summit was to foster a comprehensive understanding and consensus on the key priority issues surrounding the financing of social protection and child protection programmes, among other related initiatives.

The summit, carried under the theme, 'Sustainable Social Protection Financing; A Key to Financial Inclusion for the Vulnerable', provided a platform for key stakeholders to collaborate and exchange ideas on strategies to mobilise revenue.

The focus was on complementing social sector programmes that may not receive sufficient funding from the Government of Ghana. 

Additionally, the discussions aimed to address the needs of low-income families currently not covered by existing programmes, ensuring the provision of essential social services.

During the summit, Francisca Oteng, the Deputy Minister for MoGCSP and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Gender and Child Protection, emphasised the summit's significance.

She highlighted its role in keeping the committee well-informed about current developments, enabling them to advocate more effectively in Parliament for social service delivery issues to be prioritised and addressed. 

Miss Oteng acknowledged Ghana's substantial investments in key social protection and child protection programmes, attributing these efforts to notable improvements in the lives of children and their families.

In summary, the summit served as a vital platform for collaboration among stakeholders, with a shared commitment to sustainable social protection financing. 

The overarching aim was to ensure financial inclusion for vulnerable populations and address the evolving needs of society through effective social service delivery.

Source: Mensah