Monday, 16 September

Help! Chereponi women cry to Akufo-Addo over Konkomba-Chokosi war

Women and children of Chereponi in the Northern Region are appealing for a ceasefire in the recent Chokosi-Konkomba war which has seen the burning of some houses and killing of people.

The renewed clashes broke out over the weekend.

In a petition to the president, a representative of the women said: “We are here to present our grievances to the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. We, the women and children, are here to let Nana Akufo-Addo know that the situation in our community keeps on deteriorating every day.

“There’s sporadic attacks in every community from Chereponi. Our children cannot go to school because all the schools are closed down. We, the women and children, are most vulnerable and are appealing to the government to do the following for us:

1. Our major roads need police barriers;

2. The soldiers must have their tents at the outskirts and secure points of our communities; and

3. Allow the police to patrol the community.

The women also kicked against the ban on motorbikes in the area after 6 p.m. by the Northern Regional Security Council.

“If it’s true that our men should not use motorbikes, then the government should know that Chereponi and its environs have a few days to survive, which we, the women and children, cannot withstand,” the petitioners said.

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Source: Emmanuel Mensah