Sunday, 14 July

It's 'crude, shameful' – NDC condemns police brutality on protesters 'at a time Dampare being applauded for transformation efforts'

National Democratic Congress (NDC) General Secretary Fifi Kwetey

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has condemned as crude and shameful, the arrest of some protesters by the police on Thursday, 21 September 2023.

A statement signed by General Secretary Fifi Kwetey said the biggest opposition party learnt of the sad event with "great disappointment".

The party said the brutality was reprehensible.

"The NDC is saddened by such crude tactics being deployed by the police at a time when the IGP is being applauded for making efforts toward transforming the Ghana Police Service into the best institution in the country," the party noted. "This shameful show of brute force runs counter to that." 

"It’s regrettable the police would think that violence and suppression of human rights is the best way to address issues," the party said.

It noted: "After 31 years of our democratic journey, it is a crying shame that we cannot find more peaceful ways to address these issues." 

"This is a massive step backwards for our democracy," the NDC observed. "We hereby call on the police to use professional means to handle these issues and to release the arrested protesters forthwith."

"In the spirit of solidarity, we extend empathy to protesters who have been injured and/or detained by the police. We hereby call on all progressive forces to join the NDC to provide legal and other support to assist all the protesters who have been arrested or injured by the police," the party added.